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    • @itipmyhattoyou

      I have placed a hold on City of Thieves through my library audiobook app. The full description made me even more interested to get caught up in this story.


      I’ve placed a hold on Bad Blood and shared your recommendation with a friend who’s looking to pivot to another startup. Thank you!


      I think you’ll enjoy the book. It focuses on leadership where your decisions have a significant impact on the success and survival of your organization. As opposed to administrator roles where you have minimal autonomy in making decisions. Listening to this book helped me in deciding not to accept a management role two years ago because I knew I need greater authority over my area of responsibility than the role allowed.

      I’ve placed a hold on Enlightenment based on your recommendation. Not my typical read but (a) the full description was intriguing and (b) Cake is having a positive effect on wanting to broaden my world view.