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    • @lidja can probably speak most authoritatively on the talent acquisition and retention challenges in the non-profit sector.

      A surprising thing to many people not familiar with the world of non-profits is that development officers (professional fundraisers) are often paid on a higher scale than nearly everyone else on the staff, including top-level administrators. So, an equivalent to “talent acquisition” in the for-profit sector is probably “access acquisition” in the non-profit sector, since access to philanthropic dollars is an absolutely critical piece of a non-profit’s ongoing success.

      Thanks to @Chris’ comment about Steve Jobs’ employment policy, we see the psychology behind the poaching that is sooo prevalent in Silicon Valley. I personally think the idea that there is *one* person in the world that is *best* for any given job is mostly BS, but Silicon Valley seems to love that kind of “tip of the spear” thinking. It is pervasive. (On a related note, I have never seen so much dysfunction as when I served on the board of The Tech Museum. The self-interest at all levels of that organization was unfathomable, but reflected the reality of the way things are done in the Valley.)