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    • Favorite Audiobooks? I've got quite a few.

      -City of Thieves by David Benioff. Narrated by Ron Perlman. The Story of a young man in WW2 struck Russia, tasked with getting a dozen eggs for a General's daughters wedding or suffer death. Quick read and hard to put down.

      -The Child Thief by Dan Smith. Narrated by Bronson Pinchot. Another story that takes place in Russia. This time it's between WW1 and WW2. The story revolves around a WW1 and Russian Civil War vet's niece is kidnapped from his village. He takes his two sons and his brother in law to try and track down the kidnapper in the Russian tundra. Wear a sweater when reading this book that was written in Cold-O-Vision.

      -Vertical Run by Joseph R. Garber. Narrated by Stephen Lang. Place a Vietnam Vet in a Die Hard-like situation, and you've got a very fun read. I read this when I was a teenager on the beach. (My Dad finished it and handed it to me afterwards.) Very enjoyable and I've listened to it many times.

      -The Life We Bury by Allen Eskins. Narrated by Zach Villa. A great mystery novel about a journalism student doing a report on a convicted felon in a nursing home. Make certain to also check out the recent sequel, The Shadows We Hide. Same author/narrator.

      -Speaks The Nightbird by Robert R. McCammon. It feels very much like Sleepy Hollow. The story revolves around a solicitor's apprentice. He and his solicitor have been summoned to a town where a woman is accused of being a witch and they must defend her. Very smartly written and, while a bit long, is thoroughly enjoyable. It's the beginning of a series, so buckle up for it's many sequels.

      -Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. Narrated by Fisher Stevens. It's about Joshua Christ's missing thirty years from the bible, but told in such a humorous way. I went to a book signing and Mr. Moore said he expected a huge backlash to this book, since it covered a religious figure (and he's a buddhist), but that he received nothing but praise from all corners of the globe. A priest recommended it to my Mom (although she still refuses to read it). Very silly and fun.

      -Peter & Max: A Fables Novel by Bill Willingham. Narrated by Wil Wheaton. I've read all but the last chapter of the comic book series, but have read and re-read this story (also listened to) many times over. It has a comforting tone to me and I get more out of it each time. The story follows Peter Piper as he reflects on his life and his upcoming confrontation with his brother, Max, the vile Piper who rid Tucson of it's rats and children. Very well read and extremely well written.

      -14 by Peter Clines. Narrated by Ray Porter (possibly my favorite narrator). The less you know going into this one, the better. All I can say is it revolves around a mysterious building who's tenants are experiencing unusual happenings and investigating the source of it all. I've re-read this a few times now. Be sure to check out it's sorta sequel, The Fold.

      -A Higher Call by Adam Makos. Narrated by Robertson Dean. A German pilot does an act of bravery and humanity during a conflict that no one expected. A very heart-warming experience reading this one.

      This is but a few of my recommendations. Enjoy!