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    • Just bought it based on your recommend. Had never heard of it.

      Looking at my Audible library for last year, I see that I bought 24 books but only listened to 10 to completion. My two favs were:

      Enlightenment Now by Steven PInker (long, listed all day while doing the Grand Canyon R2R2R hike).

      Wired for Story by Lisa Crohn (listened twice).

    • Listened to it, loved it. The captain himself narrates it and I thought that made it very authentic.

      However, I think the management problem he's solving is different from Silicon Valley where I work, or Hollywood. When I came to Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs lectured us about the job not being about getting the best out of normal people. It's about finding the best person in the world, not the second-best, and hiring them.

      The captain was dealt a hand of sailors and he did an amazing job of getting them to perform incredibly well. His job wasn't to go find the best sailor in the world so they can win the world championship, or design the Mac or win an Oscar.

      Netflix has an amazing HR doc that the Harvard Business Review featured where Netflix likens themself to a sports team. Each year you have to fight to make the team next year. The reward for adequate performance is a generous severance package.