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    • I’m looking at my KTM 640 Adventure and it appears my countershaft seal needs replacing. My other KTM’s regularly require changing and I don’t keep my chain too tight. Why do they not last longer? I know this is probably on Adventure Rider somewhere but I’d rather post this here.

    • Do you find them worn or damaged when you replace them? There may be other, better quality seals available perhaps, I know for example SKF has good reputation. Maybe there is a design issue causing the leak over time, pressure with no place to escape.. I've always admired KTM's from a distance, I'm quite unfamiliar with their idiosyncrasies. The 790 has been calling me for some time but I'm not at the right time in my life for it.

      Edit: that chain looks kinda neglected.. ;-)

    • The chain is new but is an o-ring chain. I generally only lube it after I wash it but forgot to. It was supposed to have an anti-rust gold layer but that seems to have been bull***t. I’ve owned many KTM’s and find them to be very reliable. Problems include shifters coming loose and countershaft seals leaking. That’s about it that I can think of. Top notch quality parts and generally easy to work on.