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    • Have you ever seen a picture where the whole picture looked as if a colored filter had affected the picture? This is called a color cast

      Have you ever seen a picture where there were very few shadows and also no highlights? This is called low contrast.

      Here is a picture from the Bureau of Land Management's Nevada office. It was released under a creative commons attribution license:

      Below on the right is a representation of how this photo can be "reconstructed" in the L.A.B. colorspace. (There is a watermark superimposed lightly over the central region of the right side)

    • What a difference!

      Anyone else ever tempted to edit the photos friends post on social media? My friend had “professional” family portraits taken with a very cyan cast to them. I fiddled in PS for a few minutes and to my eye they looked so much better. Ultimately, I didn’t have the nerve to bring it up.