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    • Aston Martin has a new concept car, a 3-passenger vertical-takeoff drone. I want one but can't figure out where to place my pre-order. Guess we'll have to wait until Tesla announces theirs (they did announce their new surfboards on Saturday but they're already sold out).

      Seriously, when do you think flying cars will hit the skies? Will they be crazy noisy? How is traffic gonna work?

    • I doubt we'll see a flying car from Tesla. Elon's against them (he thinks the future of transit expansion is in tunnels).

      The little kid in me would thrill to see the 1980s vision of the future come to pass with flying cars and neon lights and everyone living in shopping malls and wearing brightly colored onesies for some reason, but as an adult I now realize this would be horrible. Especially the flying cars.

      Walking around cities and suburbs is already perilous enough with cars traveling in two dimensions within clearly defined roads. Having cars flying overhead and occasionally falling from the sky would be a nightmare. And the noise would be unbearable. 😬

    • I don't think Aston Martin will take to the skies first. From what I can tell they have an experimental aircraft that has not started FAA flight testing. Getting a personal vertical take-off and landing aircraft certified for urban airspaces will probably take a decade to get certified here in the US.

      But the tech is here now. In fact, there's a company, Cora Aero (formerly Zee Aero), has an aircraft near ready for taxi service.

      There are many other companies out there developing similar aircraft. They will be autonomously piloted, and only available as a taxi. It's highly unlikely you'll ever be able to buy one. Companies like Uber will be the operators. They will only be cost-effective to move people short distances. It's ideal for situations like getting people from Wall Street, NYC across the Hudson on Friday afternoons when traffic is horrendous. Crowds of bankers can afford to pay 10x the cost of a taxi for a short flight.

    • Wait, what? Cora Aero is funded by Larry Page and so is Kitty Hawk, another flying car company. The thing about Kitty Hawk is they have a small model and CASEY NEISTAT GOT TO FLY ONE LAST MONTH!! He is such a great storyteller on YouTube, he has 2 million views already.

      He said it's just like flying a drone except you get to sit in it! 😍