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    • I think more of the same. You know, I feel like I've mostly spoken to my mother. And there are so many people to talk to. There are people who knew my father. His best friend was Roy Lichtenstein. There are all these wonderful Civil Rights photos he took.

      Martin Luther King.

      Coretta Scott King.

      The first women's march.

      Andy Warhol.

      Tom Wolfe.

      Truman Capote.

      So he took all these great photos. He knew the art world. There are all these art world people I need to speak to. And some Civil Rights people I need to speak to. And I need to talk to people about my father who wasn't actually my father.

      I have this whole new family. And there's stuff to say about cancer. There's stuff to say about marriage (because I got married, and I hope I'll still be married, but it's difficult to be married). And there's a lot to say about how challenging it is to be alive. A lot of the things that have happened to me with all of this, I feel like this seems like an extraordinary story, but I don't feel like it's more challenging than a lot of people's lives. I do think it's difficult to be alive. I don't think the things I deal with are so much more difficult than what other people deal with who have things going on. We're just trying to get through the day. Some people might find that equally challenging.

      I don't think it takes much to get overwhelmed. All this stuff, I've managed, and it's been a whole new layer of complicated now that I just have to make coffee in the morning.