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    • I just think everybody has problems. I don't think this is specific to Millennials.

      It's always been difficult to be 27. It's also always been difficult to be 25. And 24.

      When I was 25, I was visiting a friend in Vermont. We were at his grandfather's house there, and I was in a messed-up relationship, with a guy who was drunk and awful. The same thing as ever. And I was crying on the floor, upset, thinking would he call, I couldn't get my book finished, I had 3 bags of unopened mail... garbage bags. Which, by the way, Napoleon said to wait 3 weeks about mail, and if nobody bothered you about it, to throw it out. That was Napoleon's approach. So basically I throw out all my mail, and I feel like if they need me, they can email me, and if they need me, they can scream and yell. But really if you're sending it to me by mail, you can't be serious. THAT's how you're getting my attention?

      But back when people actually did send mail, I would put my mail in garbage bags, and mostly end up throwing it out. And it was amazing.

      So I was 25 on the floor, upset, couldn't get my book done, in a terrible relationship, with 3 garbage bags full of mail, and I said "Will I EVER get out of my twenties?!" and my friend said "Yes, in five years."

      There were bad things now, and then. There was a bad recession then. It was really oppressive, being alive under 12 years of Reagan / Bush. There's always something.

      Can you imagine how people must have felt when electricity arrived? They couldn't just go to sleep because it went dark. Can you imagine the shock of inventing the doorbell, of people ringing your door? The interruption, the shock, of people calling you by phone when they phone was invented. If you think the internet is astonishing, progress is astonishing in general.

      Nobody likes progress. Ever.

      To think that there's something going on now that's never happened before is rather ridiculous. There have been crazy scam artists. In 1929, there was the Great Depression, and people jumped out of windows, they say...It could be that lots of people did, it could be that very few did.

      The Great Gatsby is about scams. Fyre Festival is just the new approach to it.

      Obviously they had a captive audience of people on Instagram.

      The Theranos thing is amazing. I mean, James Mattis was on the Board of Theranos. A beautiful woman convinced a bunch of men that she could do something that she couldn't do. And that's what happened! It simply didn't work. And I think she was very promising, and it's possible she could have eventually gotten to where she needed to get to, that this kind of thing could eventually happen with patience and hard work and the right scientists. The idea is not a bad one. But it's the kind of thing where a bunch of these pinprick tests were sent to Theranos from a major pharmacy chain, and none of the samples were tested.

      They were sending fake results back to people.

      And in the meantime, a whole bunch of super-prominent men - way more serious than Fyre Festival, that's why the Wall Street Journal did this investigation - all you could say is that every one of these men was a sucker for a pretty face. They should all just admit that.

      Everyone is gullible.

      When I'm walking down the street with my dog Alistair, people will try to pet him, and he pulls away; sometimes he snaps at them. He's just not friendly. And people will give him many chances to be friendly. People think he's smart. I'm not saying he is, or he isn't. But people will invest in him. People will say he's nice. Or sweet. And that's definitely not the case. People will see all kinds of qualities in him. The only thing you can definitely say about him is that he's beautiful.

      And it's made me realize that people are really caught in that. It's kind of shocking. It's particularly striking because my dog before Alistair was a beautiful dog - and she really WAS friendly and charming, and people really responded to her - but nothing like how it is with him.

      And I realized - wow. It's incredible how superficial people are. The Theranos thing is such a clear representation of that. The Fyre Festival thing is such a clear representation of that. It makes me realize the things we do to maintain our beauty. We're not crazy.

      The things I've learnt from having this dog... it's been so stark. He really wants nothing to do with people when we walk down the street. He's really not friendly. But people want to be friends with him.

      I see it. And I realize - supposedly, if you have blue eyes by the way, you'll be considered more beautiful just by virtue of having blue eyes versus brown eyes. It "ups the ante" on your looks, someone told me, and I tend to believe it.

      But it's amazing. And I don't know what we do about this. How we get people to pay attention to something. We have all these senses, but our eyes do most of the work. We can smell, we can taste, we can hear - but mostly, we see.

      We're sighthounds.