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    • The Museum of Selfies sounds so interesting!

      A lot of the 2010's was Barack Obama's presidency, which was very meaningful. But it's been discovering the underbelly of sexism, racism, but also of activism. And of people asking "can I kick it? Yes you can." As I have written on my wall.

      I went to Montgomery, Alabama, and it was such a positive experience, because people there are right in the midst of - well, there's a statue of Jefferson Davis right next to where Martin Luther King had his church. That's a place that was majority slaves at one point, a big slave trade place. But they have a lynching memorial there now. And in Montgomery, you have two of the biggest civil rights organizations based there. They're where the pain is. And Alabama elected a Democratic senator this year, because they couldn't elect Roy Moore, even though Donald Trump went down there and campaigned for them. Anywhere you go that there's cities, they're liberal. And I think that's the thing that makes me really hopeful. Cities, anywhere, are liberal. Urban people are amazing. I would go sit in this coffee place in Montgomery, and talk to people, and they were just like "We have one Democratic Senator, and we're going to have two."

      They believed that. They believed in a better future for Alabama. And that was really something. It really made me hopeful.

      I was in Italy recently, but I don't think I enjoyed Rome as much as I enjoyed Montgomery, because going to Montgomery really made me feel positive about this country.

      There are amazing people everywhere. There are people who are excited about life everywhere, including in Montgomery.

      So I would say that this decade has been the worst of us and the best of us.

      We're at the crossroads between Love and Hate. It's like the guy with the knuckle tattoos of "hate" and "love." Hate is coming out there, it's pushing really hard, it looks like it's doing well, hate has tough stuff. It's unbelievable that people are excited about building a wall. Imagine. Ridiculous.

      But then look at this, there goes Love.

      The most amazing thing is not that Secretariat won at the Belmont by 31 lengths. It's that Secretariat won at the Kentucky Derby from behind. I think the idea is not to look behind. It doesn't matter what is going on behind you. Don't look down, don't look back.

      Steve Prefontaine was an amazing runner. That saying is attributed to him. He was badly affected by the 1972 Olympics. There's a wonderful documentary about it, called "One Day in September." It's on Amazon Prime.