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    • You know, I think whatever it is you can do. All these companies screwed up. The Washington Post could have had a 10% stake in Facebook when Facebook was a long time ago, I can't remember what went wrong with that, they had a handshake deal between Don Graham and Mark Zuckerberg, and Don let it go.

      I think there's this term "platform" that is really kind of this bullshit thing. It's gotta stop. I mean Facebook has to start realizing it's a publisher. I suppose Uber needs to realize it's not a platform, it's responsible. A "platform" sort of says "we're not responsible." There's a case that everybody does in law school, it's an old West case, and there's a wall, and there's not much that the people who have the wall can do about the stupid signs people post on the wall. They can take the signs down, but if the people put the signs up, what can you do? You can only do so much. You can keep taking the signs down. But that's it. We're just a wall. And that's sort of the idea of a platform. It's the old West. We're just a kiosk. People post signs on the kiosk, and sometimes the signs say "WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE" and it's the wrong man that they want.

      You can take the sign down, you can put another sign on top of it, but we're not responsible for whatever.

      And I think it's just bullshit.

      This Facebook platform is really benefitting from being a platform. They have to start realizing they have skin in the game.

      So I think that's kind of the thing about the internet. It's all these websites that have a million ways of saying "it's not our problem." And it's really amazing - I noticed the Washington Post has that famous "in/out" list. "In" this year is "Delete Instagram." "Out" is "Delete Facebook." Either way, the in thing to do is to delete a social media account owned by the same company. I read the Times on the app every day, and yesterday there were two different articles about what your life was like if you just got rid of your Facebook account. It's like a slow thing. I think people like Instagram, but I think people less and less like Facebook. Having a Facebook account is a default kind of thing.

      They could go the way of Friendster. It could happen. The whole thing could fall apart. Who knows?

      I think that really - I've subscribed to the NY Times and it's the best way to get the news and everybody should do that. And I like getting the New Yorker in print. There are things that are just better to read that way. I think it's difficult.

      Apparently people still like books. I still buy CDs. I like listening to music on a good stereo. I still buy vinyl. I think I'm supporting the headphone industry really well also, as I buy great headphones and then lose them.