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    • I got to spend 45 minutes with Charlie this morning and had a blast. We'll post the whole interview on Tuesday-ish, I think. I have to edit it some.

    • Harley deserves real kudos for preparing the bikes for this adventure.

      I see Harley-Davidson lists the Live Wire electric motorcycle on its web page for a mere $27,799 + $390 shipping fee

      I haven't priced motorcycles recently, but that does seem a bit steep for a range of 146 miles city or 95 miles highway range. Even with a $2500 federal income tax credit in Oregon, California, or Pennsylvania

      549 pounds, charged. 86 Ft-lbs of torque, and 105 HP

      Free charging at Electrify America for two years, and free charging at H/D dealers

    • Yeah, there were two things I need to fix before the next one, which is coming right up:

      #1: Zoom's video is way too compressed and 720p, even though it was recorded locally on my disk. Apparently, using OBS with Zoom is the ticket to mo bettah.

      #2. I have a really great mic just above my head that goes through a sound processor, but I get a little echo/feedback from my laptop speakers. Podcasters wear those huge headphones but I'm thinking maybe airpods? Any suggestions?

    • I loves me some OBS - I even donated.

      The trouble with Bluetooth monitoring is the lag. If you can deal with that then they would look more pro.

      Why not some studio monitor speakers? They shouldn't fold back if they are far enough from the mic ... should they? I've got some nice Pioneers that work OK for recording interviews over phone on the imac and Zoomin' and a Skypin'.

      How many sound engineers does it take to change a light globe?

      TWO ... TWO TWO .... TWO ... TWO TWO TWO.