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    • My God,man. You ... actually WANT to be taxed for your so-called carbon foot print? Is that right?
      Why? What will your carbon tax dollars do to stop man made pollution? Who gets to decide how to spend that money? Al Gore? The same people who thought it was a good idea to put us in this position in the first place? Politicians and Multi-national Businessmen? Dude, you just lost me. In my experience the amount of energy it takes to even attempt to get an opposing point across to people who are as bought in to the current system as pro carbon taxers are, is time, and yes I do believe in time( in fact this last 5 minutes of time I may never get back) that is wasted. No amount of carefully thought out reason can penetrate the bullet proof, teflon coated, shiny veneer they are encased inside of. But please, feel free to take the lead and start forwarding your hard earned money tothe billionaire capitolists that are pushing for a carbon tax. At least you'll sleep better and you'll have less money to worry about.