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    • Carbon taxes made sense twenty years ago as a way to slow down the pollution rate.

      The best model, imho, is where the biggest polluters have to pay penalties for anything over their limit; those who pollute below their limit earn credits and can sell them to the polluters.

      The problem even back then with that plan is enforcement. Robert Reich in Saving Capitalism talks about how politicians can vote in favor of popular regulations and then kill them by underfunding the enforcement agencies: think EPA, SEC, IRS.

      Even with that reality, I think a carbon tax could’ve helped by giving us a few more years of breathing room before climate collapse.

      If you believe the 12 year deadline, a carbon tax approach at this point would be too little too late.

    • taxes are two-faceted: they act as a deterrent when imposed and an incentive when the money is spent. There is no law that the thing deterred must bear any relationship to the thing incentivized. So a carbon tax could be used to pay for an educational system (for example) and the tax imposition would still deter carbon emissions.