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    • First of all, I do not accept that climate change is man made. We, humans, have an extremely limited data sample that we are using to prove that the Earth's climate is changing, and we are determined to prove that we are the cause. This is an example of someone knowing just enough to be dangerous. Geologists theorize that the Earths poles shift every 7,000 years and our magnetic field has been weakening since the early 1800's, long before man was burning off fossil fuels at it's current rate. I'm not sure that man can stop climate change, but I am 100% sure that I'm not interested in giving away money and power to the already wealthy and powerful so they can figure out how best to spend it. There's some that theorize that the coming pole shift, which more and more seems like and event horizon that is inevitable, with less and less people bother to deny that it is happening, can only be survived underground for an extended period of time. Perhaps this explains why Elon Musk and others are so keen to invest in deep tunneling technology. How would I know, but I think the folks who actually have access to the real data and not just internet based fodder, may realize that climate change cant be stopped. It can only be survived.