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    • I am migrating to LinkedIn as that is similar in nature - connecting around interests - and MS have done a good job in making LI more social. Getting a nice interaction on there right now even with 100x less followers. Looks hopeful to me. Also trying other things out too like Cake and

    • My more pressing question is, how well can I migrate my audience?

      When it's late in the evening and I'm deep in my cups, I'm prone to posting hip hop videos. My collection on G+ grew to about 15000 people. I'd love it if I could cleanly migrate that audience somewhere, but there's no ability to do that.

    • Well, I doubt I influenced anyone ... but, to answer your question, I have not migrated anywhere. There is currently not anything happening on the WWW that has captured my attention. The parts that I loved best about G+ was that it felt like you were actually meeting people, really getting to know them. Hangouts broke down the wall a bit. But, as I get older, Ill be 54 tomorrow, I find that I am narrowing down who I choose to hangout with. I'm looking inside more and not outside for influence.
      Who knows, perhaps something else will come along. It'll probably pass me by and I wont notice, and that'll be ok. :)