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    • I was wondering if anyone watches any foreign Shows, especially Asian Dramas and Movies, specifically Korean Dramas, Hong Kong Drama and Chinese Dramas.

      Myself and my mother are addicted to the Korean, Cantonese and Chinese Shows. We have watched more Korean drama than any other shows so far.

      The shows we have watched are as follows:

      1. Bridal Mask (Korean Drama) (it's basically like Asian Zorro with more action)
      2. Cinderella and the Four Knights (Korean Drama)
      3. Pinocchio (Korean Drama)
      4. Suspicious Partner (Korean Drama)
      5. Healer (Korean Drama)
      6. Mystic Pop-Up Bar (Korean Fantasy Drama)
      7. Uncanny Counter (Korean Fantasy Drama)
      8. Rugal (Korean Action Drama)
      9. Strong Girl Bong-Soon (Korean Supernatural Drama)
      10. Stranger (Korean Drama)
      11. Princess Agents (Mainland China Drama)
      12. God of War, Zhao Yun (Mainland China Drama)
      13. White War (Cantonese/Hong Kong Drama)
      14. Flying Tiger 1 (Cantonese/Hong Kong Drama)
      15. Flying Tiger 2 (Cantonese/Hong Kong Drama)
      16. The Last Empress (Korean Drama)
      17. Iris (Korean Drama)
      18. Hotel Del Luna (Korean Supernatural Drama)
      19. Black (Korean Drama)
      20. Doctor Stranger (Korean Drama)
      21. Secret Garden (Korean Drama)
      22. You are my Destiny (Korean Drama)
      23. Tunnel (Korean Drama)
      24. Are you Human? (Korean Drama)
      25. Hi Bye, Mama (Korean Drama)
      26. Blood (Korean Supernatural Drama)
      27. The Girl Who Sees Scents (Korean Fantasy Drama)
      28. Good Doctor (Korean Drama)
      29. Oh My Ghost (Korean Fantasy Drama)
      30. Cleaning with Passion for Now (Korean Drama)
      31. I am Not a Robot (Korean Drama)
      32. W - Two Worlds apart (Korean Drama)
      33. Switched (Korean Fantasy Drama)
      34. Itaewon Class (Korean Drama)
      35. Dream High (Korean Musical Drama)
      36. You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin (Korean Drama)
      (The rest below is on Rakuten Viki (which unlike to call Asian Netflix):
      37. My Roommate is a Detective (Chinese Drama)
      38. Memorist (Korean Drama)
      39. Zombie Detective (Korean Drama)
      40. Signal (Japanese Drama)
      41. The Story of Ming Lan (Chinese Drama)
      42. Emergency Couple (Korean Drama)
      43. Go Back Couple (Korean Drama)
      44. Mrs. Cop (Korean Drama)
      45. Watcher (Korean Drama)
      46. Kill It (Korean Drama)
      47. The Suspicious Housemaid (Korean Drama)
      48. Melting Me Softly (Korean Drama)
      49. The Third Charm (Korean Drama)
      50. Three Days (Korean Drama)
      51. He is Psychometric (Korean Drama)
      52. My Mister (Korean Drama)
      53. Heirs (Korean Drama)
      54. Bel Ami (Korean Drama)
      55. Your Secret (Chinese Drama)
      56. Sweet Sweet Bodyguard (Taiwanese Drama)
      57. Devilish Joy (Korean Drama)
      58. My Love From the Stars (Korean Drama)
      59. The K2 (Korean Drama)
      60. Remember (Korean Drama)
      61. Warrior Baek Dong Soo (Korean Drama)
      62. Miss Hammurabi (Korean Drama)
      63. I Hear Your Voice (Korean Drama)
      64. Ghost (Korean Drama)
      65. VIP (Korean Drama)
      66. Oh My Baby (Korean Drama)
      67. Last (Korean Drama)
      68. Happy Once Again (Korean Drama)
      69. Inheritors (Korean Drama)
      70. My Holo Love (Korean Drama)

      There's 40 more I have watched as well.

      As you can see I watch a lot of these Asian Dramas, which ones have you seen in the list above or not on the list?

    • To help narrow it down to your liking which Genres are your more inclined to?

      The ones I am suggesting are all Korean Dramas

      If you’re into Superhero/Action type of shows you can look at Bridal Mask.

      Another show with someone with strength is Strong Girl Bong Soon.

      If you’re into Action look at Healer and Rugal.

      If you’re into Fantasy/Romance check out Hi Bye, Mama

      if you’re into Fantasy look at Mystic Pop-Up Bar and Uncanny Counter.

      if you’re into Horror/Thriller watch Blood.