Beach Hop is billed as a 5 day Rock'n'Roll festival and while it has a strong Rock'n'Roll component for entrants, for spectators most of it is about the cars.

Usually the festival is held in March each year but due to Covid it was postponed in March 2020. Fortunately New Zealand put in place a solid plan for Covid and the event was able to be rescheduled to November.

Here's the first car parade of the day, Some machinery in this may not be recognisable to US watchers as there are Ford and Holden (GM) models that were built in Australia specifically for the Australian and New Zealand markets, and a couple of British made Fords as well.
While Rock'n'Roll is typically associated with the 1950-60's, cars from most decades are included, particularly if it's V8 powered which is not the norm in New Zealand.

We didn't have a program so didn't realise there was going to be 2 parades and I didn't get video of the 2nd one.