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    • Thank you for helping me learn something new today: beamforming and 802.11ac standard!

      From that article:

      Beamforming is a standardized part of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. However, not all 802.11ac devices have to support beamforming. Just because you have an 802.11ac device doesn’t mean it supports beamforming. But, if a device does support beamforming, it does so in a standardized way.

      This may be a branded feature on some routers. For example, D-Link calls it “Advanced AC SmartBeam.” But it’s still compatible with other 802.11ac devices that implement beamforming, even if they call it something else.

      This graphic from the article also summed up nicely the benefits of beamforming Wi-Fi over traditional Wi-Fi: