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    • Anyone who is well informed, does their best to avoid being part of an echo chamber, doesn’t rely on social media as their main source of information and watches a variety of news stations across the political divide, would be well aware that Fox News is dumbing down America. They’ve spent so much time talking about fake news, promoting nonsense and lying to their audience that they are in large part responsible for the current decline of the USA. By decline I’m referring to American ethical, social and military influence in the world. In addition there is a decline in American perception of reality, lowering of scientific understanding and acceptance among Fox News viewers. There is also a weakening of American institutions and a destabilizing rift among its citizens. Certainly Fox News isn’t solely responsible for all this but they are the main driver of it. Add to this social media’s promotion of misinformation, Russian and Chinese misinformation campaigns and then Trump and Republicans undermining of facts and you have the makings of a giant hole in the side of the titanic. Titanic being the United States. If the misinformation isn’t stopped there’s the real possibility of American civil war and/or more serious economic decline.

      Thus far the economy is still strong but a population that can’t agree on a common set of facts is not one that’s going to generally make good decisions and that will spell disaster going forward. The political divide is getting too deep. Animosities are growing at an alarming rate. Mistrust in institutions and even elections is a serious problem once reserved for developing countries but now the current corrupt American government is front and center in this whole fiasco. Fox News is what Trump gets many of his ideas from as well. They have an inordinate influence. Past republicans dismantling of truth was the start. Add in people’s distrust of government in general because of declining prospects for a white lower educated working class and you have the kindling of a forest fire not seen since the civil war.

      Americans, particularly white older Americans are uneasy about the large influx of visible minorities in their country and are told by Fox News these minorities are largely responsible for taking their jobs and tax money. So many Americans are struggling to make ends meet and they are looking for the cause. Fox News is misinforming them on many accounts. Not all Fox News ‘reporters’ should be painted by the same brush but the overall damage is the same. Citizens are getting dumber because they are misinformed to such an extent they fight against truth. The consequences thus far has led to the additional death of thousands of Americans by COVID-19 compared to what a better informed America would of had. The president has undermined traditional media to such an extent that people don’t know what to believe or think only Fox News’ Sean Hannity can be trusted. Where will it all end? Scary to think of what might happen if this trend continues currently there are some amazing higher educational institutions in the USA as well as a creative and hard working people who strive for a better world but... Can the majority who are against Fox News and Trump bring the country together when Fox News and Trump keep leading them astray? Will the rich keep controlling politics and pulling the wool over the lay person’s eyes? The income disparity is growing and many rich benefactors seem uninterested in helping to stop the Republican campaign of undermining truths. Democrats are also guilty of being influenced by the rich. Question is - how to stop the Fox News misinformation campaign???