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    • The sense of scale within the last two seasons has completely gone, such as the gap in time after Jon killed Dany (and can also be seen in characters effectively teleporting around the Continent).

      Dany dies, time skips to a few weeks later, and everyone apart from Greyworm is over it all and is moving forwards with their lives. It just skips over the immediate issue of her dying , and everyone forgets it happens.

      (No one saw Dany die, so I guess Jon turned himself in off screen, not sure why he didn't make up some excuse of why Dany went missing, would have solved a few problems ;) )

    • the ending was too “happy” for me. A series that beheaded Sean bean , the wedding massacre , rapes, mutilation / castrations ...

      Jon should have been ripped asunder by the unsullied for killing their queen, a pitched battle between unsullied / Dothraki and the forces of the 7 kingdoms leaving the world ablaze...,

      Extreme I know but the saccharine sweet “ let’s choose a king” ending didn’t suit the show I loved.

      Compared to the sopranos last episode it was a failure

    • I had read about her brain hemorrhages, she is a very brave young girl. And she did take such challenging scenes ,

      I do admire her