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    • Microsoft hosted an event in New York recently and from what I saw on Twitter, everyone was very impressed. In fact, it seems like Microsoft has produced more excitement with its family of devices than Apple has this year. With refreshed Surface Pros and Surface Laptops, a new Surface Pro X, the weird looking Surface Earbuds, and possibly the two most intriguing devices of the event, the Surface Duo and the Surface Neo, it sure does seem like 2019 and 2020 will be huge years for Microsoft.

      I'm very intrigued by the Duo and Neo. While the concept is definitely not new - both smartphone and computer manufactures have delved into the dual-screen form factor in the past - it's still exciting to see Microsoft join the likes of Samsung, Huawei, and Asus among others in experimenting with traditional smartphone and laptop designs. What makes the Duo (the phone) even more intriguing is that it will ship with Android (mind = blown)! Microsoft hardware running Android? What alternate reality is this?

      How did you like the event? Excited to see Microsoft's newest products? Any plans to buy anything? Maybe even those weird Surface Earbuds?

    • I am very excited about these products. I think the Duo phone in particular may be a real game changer. Back a few decades I had one of the old XDA phones that opened like a laptop with a screen on one face and a keyboard on the other (see below). I loved that phone, and the Duo seems to represent that form factor, but radically brought up to date.

      I am really not interested in foldable phones; the separated screens give rise to so much more productive potential.

      These products seem, to me at least, to offer for the first time the prospect of going "all in" with Microsoft. That just has to be a red signal for Apple in particular, but others too.

      Bring it on !

    • even more intriguing is that it will ship with Android (mind = blown)

      This is a remarkable, and I think will be a huge success. I think Windows phones were so great but the app support was just not there, so they didn't catch on. This will be different.

    • They just released the pricing for the Surface X accessories....

      144 for the new pen VS 99 for the old one.

      139 for the type cover VS 129.

      While I like these tablets a lot I'd wait for sales and deals on the type cover and pen unless you really need one ASAP

    • I believe it. Look at what happened with the Galaxy Fold, it's hardware wasn't ready and there's not really the software to optimize it yet. And that took so the wind out of its sails. The final version just went out for reviews recently and it was barely a blip.

      Microsoft's design is a lot more sturdy but those hinges and the case have me worried. Being a phone they need to design it to withstand drops so they'll not only want to make sure it's strong enough but ideally that it can take some sort of case.

      Software wise they're working with Google and to really wow people they'll want it 100% ready to go so it feels like a natural expansion of Android.

    • Ugh, 2020?!

      It's like Microsoft waiving a flag saying don't buy that new iPhone or Pixel, we have something cooler for you, you just have to wait an eternity.

    • Y'know... I got excited quickly because it's so good to see Microsoft coming back and getting cool again, but the air went out of my balloon a little when I realized how prematurely they seemed to be announcing everything.

      In the meantime, however, my MacBook Pro is dying so I'm actively deciding what's next. I'm close to springing for the Zenbook Duo, so that's kinda Microsoft?

    •  kinda Microsoft

      You’re definitely ditching MacOS when you go Zenbook, so Microsoft, Windows 10, is your best bet, especially if you want to run first class software like Photoshop and Lightroom. Unless you like pounding your head against a desk as you setup a Hackintosh.

    • It looks like the first useable dual screen laptop. Other dual screen laptops previously have been weird form factors and bulky. I’d be hesitant about the lowly placed keyboard. Though, that’s the inherent problem with adding another screen.

    • A few days after all the announcements the Surface Earbuds are the product that I'm most interested in. And it's their ergonomics that are doing it for me, if you watch this video they are using a different shape to make a tight fit in the ear without pushing a rubber dome in directly like most of the non-Apple earbuds. But they also look to be more secure due to this than those Airpods.

      I think that I could get behind the look though black or white there is kinda a big choice, my main issue is the price. In general I'm a bargain hunter for tech but even if I wasn't 250 is A LOT for earbuds.