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    • Nikon Rumors got quite a scoop if it’s accurate. Next week they announce two new full-frame cameras, a 24 megapixel, high-speed low-light version and a high-res 45 megapixel body.

      If this next rumor is correct, it explains the super big mount: a 58mm f/0.95 lens! Whoa. Question: what would you use f/0.95 for? I shot people with the Leica 50mm 0.95 before and it was really hard to nail the focus.

    • I've an effective 50mm f/1.4 that I *love* to play with that gets close. It's the original panasonic/leica Summilux 25mm for the 4/3 format (not the m4/3 version). Getting close to the subject really accentuates the sliver of a DoF you have to work with. But a bit further away, it's more forgiving. And of smashes the background into a lush bokeh.

    • I am excited to have Nikon and Canon join the mirrorless market. I started shooting with Canon, then briefly switched to Nikon before switching entirely to Sony. I love my current setup, but it's nice to have more competition in the market.

    • Question: what would you use f/0.95 for?

      IMHO the depth of field for f/0.95 at 50mm is way too shallow for portrait photography. You cannot get a person's whole face in focus at f/0.95. The nose and hair will be blurred if the eyes are in focus. I'd love a f/0.95 lens for low light situations where I'm shooting at/near infinite, where DoF doesn't matter as much.

      I've been eying the Sony FE 100mm STF f/2.8. It has an apodization element for smooth bokeh. I'd use this for portrait photography because I could both avoid blur on any part of a face and get a smooth f/0.95-like background bokeh.