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    • I saw this short in another conversation and it got me thinking. Maybe this is my year for a week on a bike. Who knew India could be so interesting for a week in the saddle? I'm not as skilled as this woman but I think I could ride in those places, just slower.

      I watched some YouTubes of cycling the Peru Divide and it looked interesting but very remote and not as interesting as India. I'm just beginning to Google official tours with a support vehicle but I really don't know what to look for. I'll probably try to talk a few friends into going.

    • I've done a fair amount of bicycle touring, starting with the safety net of group touring and moving to solo touring towards the end. Lately I have been walking with a camera as opposed to biking - but biking is a wonderful way to explore an area.

      In my experience touring with a group is very different from touring solo. I find it easier to connect with locals in the areas I am wandering through if I am on my own.

      That said, there is a place for both forms of travel. I think I am more likely to go with a group if I am less comfortable with my target destination in terms of either language or safety.

      For a week outside of North America, I think I would go to Iceland!

    • Even though I would consider myself a lifelong cyclist, I am not a fan of long days in the saddle. I have only ridden one Century ride (it was a tough mofo - 10k vertical climbing) and that was enough for me. BUT, I think it is really cool that people do this. It makes for great images....whenever I am driving and I see x-country cyclists I always cheer them on as I give them wide berth and sometimes pull over to grab a shot.

    • I used a combination of the Northern Tier and the TransAm with some other bits thrown in. I was initially thinking of the TransAm but I live in Massachusetts fairly close to the coast so I decided to start from home. I did an out-and-back day to the coast, then headed west in MA, clipping the corner of NH then into VT. I picked up the Northern Tier through NY, went into Canada to see Niagara Falls then back into the US in Buffalo. Meandered my way through a couple of states and picked up the TransAm in Missouri.

      Either route works, just depends on you - but it's definitely a lot more than a week's tour! I was laid off and decided that I would ride across the country instead of immediately looking for a job.

    • you might want to consider Tajikistan, I'm not a cyclist but a motorcyclist and I met a crazy numberof cyclists there riding the Pamirs. Amazing scenery, friendly people, cheap.

      Funny thing is I have been riding with an Indian rider in peru and Ecuador over the last few weeks and he is dreading gogin home. he put it in perspective from his point of view,he said "Peru is so empty, India a little over double the size and has a population or 1.3 billion...Peru has 33 million."

      If Tajikistan is a little too far afield have you see the TEMBR Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route, there are actually two of them, a single track and a double track versions. I have ridden quite a few section over the last few months and it is very we planned.

      There are los of options for routes on this site too...

    • If I were to do a week on a bicycle I would do the John Wayne trail across WA state and back. I think it has been renamed but it's a rails to trail route. I haven't ridden a bicycle in a lot of years and I wasn't good when I did ride one. My goal for retirement is to start bicycling and the John Wayne trail is on my list rides to take. First I need to get in shape and I am working on it.

    • My wife and I have just booked to do the Otago central rail trail in December over in New Zealand, both looking forward to it. We are hoping it will lead us to do more and longer rides when we retire in a few years.

      My brother is the cyclist in the family having competed in many races around the world including the Cape epic in South Africa. He builds MTB tracks and trails for a living.