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    • What they need to do is really hunker down on reselling sites and folks that resell. Maybe issue tickets that require an ID similar to airline tickets. Or if tickets you purchased are found on a reselling website you are immediately refunded and they are no longer your tickets. Or require a state issued ID number to purchase tickets then you can track chronic re-sellers. I'm sure there is a way around all of that but they could try something. Maybe have verified Ticket master account backed by a true verification process.

      The only issue is as it stands now their shows sell out in 5-10 minutes if its a good enough show and that could potentially slow down and "harm" the companies so I kind of see why they aren't in a hurry to correct it.

      I think the Las Vegas Golden Knights tried to reducing the reselling a bit by issuing what they called the knights vow. Basically they will sell their season ticket holders playoff tickets at a discount as long as they agreed not to resell their seats on stubhub. Now I believe this was only limiting one of the resell sites and there is always in person exchanges but it was a start.

      I don't pretend to know all the answers but there has to be a better solution then making all 70k people for big arena shows cram in line to buy the tickets at 10am on a random day for an upcoming show. (obviously i'm exaggerating chances are it would only be a few hundred to thousand depending on the show)

      I mean we are in america people tent camp for 2 days to get a black Friday deal on a TV or a toaster.... Maybe make a more robust voucher system... not sure..

    • You're right, this is a difficult problem. It's difficult to beat the robots. In the interest fairness, something needs to be done. I hope someone can get this right. I do appreciate NIN's effort. I liked your idea of ticket booth re-sellers all over the country so you can buy any ticket to any show. Instead of seven booths there are hundreds. Robots can't stand in line, not yet at least. :)