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    • Over the last few weeks I got back in to riding a road bicycle, with tubed tires and I'm not sure if i'm unlucky or not but had two flats in five days.

      The first one I just replaced the tube, considered it a fluke and carried on, the second time I wasn't as happy, mainly because I had to walk home, four miles.

      So i went to a local bike shop and asked them, they suggested Specialized sealent, telling me it had small fibers so it worked better than Stans or Slime.

      One point to note here is I am away a lot and the bike will sit so I need something that won't set if its not rotated.

      I put it in the tubes and seemed easy enough, but was wondering what the concensus of opinion was with more experienced riders?

    • I’m guessing they said that because they sell specialized bicycles and their products. Stans is a class leading product and one I’ve used for years with a lot of success. There are videos on YouTube of test comparisons done in a scientific manner. Numerous reviews all over the Internet in bike magazines and such. Stan’s race formula fixes larger holes but dries out quick. Regular formula is good. Slime makes tubes you can buy that already has the fluid in it. Probably your best bet if you don’t want to mess around making your wheels tubeless. Ghetto tubeless is the name of making your non tubeless ready wheelset tubeless on the cheap. When I ride in California I found there are sometime a lot of goat heat thorns.