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    • Every morning our two labs, SoSo and LuLu (I know, where do humans come up with such names? Short for Soli and Luna), insist on a random walk through the village. So please come along and enjoy the images from this morning's walk.

      All images captured with an iPhone 11 using the 645 PRO app; saving file in Max-Quality JPEG. All images are unprocessed except for minor cropping.

      [Edit: We live 90% "off the digital grid". I have to use a cellular Hotspot to access the internet and upload digital content. It takes about 5 minutes to upload a 12MB image. As such, I resized the images for posting.]

      The area was first settled in 1685 by French Huguenots and the village dates to 1706.

      Walking down our street...

    • Thanks Chris!

      We lived in Cary, NC for 32 years. Cary is a suburb of Raleigh which anchors the Research Triangle Park (RTP) with Chapel Hill and Durham. The RTP is sort a mini Silicon Valley. It was a hectic pace!

      Lynn and I met and married in Charleston. When she retired, we wanted to move back to the SC coast to a slower, simpler lifestyle. I had fished out of the village as a teen. I showed the village to Lynn and she immediately fell in love and bought a house!

      When I added onto the shop, I asked a local metal fabricator about making some bars for the windows. He had a perplexed look and asked why? I told him for security. His reply, "this is the village, we don't even lock doors at night!".

    • Lynn grew up in Waynesville, NC. Her father was the only dentist west of Asheville for many years in the 60s and early 70s. Lynn was a dentist as well.

      If you visit NC again, I encourage you to start with Asheville. It is a beautiful small city in the Appalachians. You can easily spend a week, or two, exploring western NC. The Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest is some of the last old growth, virgin forest remaining east of the Mississippi. A beautiful hike!

      The NC coast around Wilmington is much like here. Any further north of Wilmington and it becomes stretches of sand dunes and then the Outer Banks. A beautiful location! I would recommend staying at a B&B on Ocracoke Island; Blackbeard's island!

      And of course, if golf is your thing, Pinehurst and the NC Sandhills.

      Visiting SC...has to start with Charleston!

    • Two years ago - right around this time of year, in fact, my wife and I moto toured back that way. Visited a friend in northern Virginia, then wandered the back roads from there to just west of the area that @Munch describes (Pittsboro) to visit more friends in the region.

      Let me tell you, I would have loved to have stuck around and seen more - but my allergies were the worst they have been in 30 years!


      Riding a motorcycle with allergen-addled eyes, and trying to admire the area was challenging.

      I vow to make a return to explore more, but probably plan on an August/September time frame instead.

    • Very good point!

      My allergies to pine pollen and lesser extent, oak pollen get to me every spring!

      How I deal with it...

      Several weeks before the pine pollen turns everything yellow, I start eating 1-2 tablespoons of unfiltered local honey on my oat meal every morning. Even better, raw pollen granules collected by the beekeeper. They are bitter, even on oatmeal, but the best way too quickly acclimate to pine pollen season.

      I also use a nellie pot twice a day with my own mixed solution of Himalayan Pink Salt and baking soda.

      Really helps me enjoy the out-of-doors during spring.