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    • Very interesting. Not sure how much superior it would be to a regular electric wheelchair though. I am not very well informed about electric wheelchairs but looks like it might be a bit lighter? Maybe faster as well? Hopefully someone with some experience will weigh in here and give us some info.

    • Interesting and I can see the desireability for wheel chair users for greater independence. Is this vehicle for sidewalks or for the main traffic pavements?

      I do have some questions about how this vehicle will handle motor vehicle accidents, like being hit by a 1 ton truck at 45mph. I have a good friend who was in a BMW Mini and was hit broadside by a 1 ton pick up truck going about 45 mph. The Mini was completely totaled, but my friend and his wife both walked away from the accident without injury which I think is pretty amazing and says great deal about the safety barriers built into the Mini which probably weighs 1/3 of what the truck that hit them weighs. The truck driver was intoxicated and did not attempt to stop before impact.

      Do we think this vehicle offers that level of crash protection? I see that it is going to be sold in the UK so it probably has to meet pretty stringent crash protection, but in some nations it might not offer much in the way of crash protection.

      The specifications say its maximum speed is 30 mph, its range is 30 miles, and it weighs 290 Kgs without batteries - not certain how many batteries it has, but typical car batteries weigh about 15-25 kilos each if they resemble car batteries - some of the forklift batteries weigh substantially more maybe around 50-75 Kilos each.

      I think this is really more a motorized weather resistant wheelchair, and not a true motor vehicle, but I could be wrong too. I can see its use in protected turf, but out on the roadway, I think a max speed of 30 mph won't mix well with usual traffic flow. Kind of like folks here in the US who are using golf carts for mobility in neighborhoods, but I would not want to try to drive a golf cart in normal city traffic - I think it would border on suicidal behaviour.

      I know the English drivers are more considerate than those of us stateside. I would love to hear the opinions of English drivers about this vehicle on their roadways.

    • Those are all my impressions too. It's extremely clever and looks well designed but I don't know about anything more than residential traffic. In the video they seemed to make it clear it was for city traffic tho...

    • Yeah, I hate to be a sourpuss or a pessamist, but I think a broasdside by a lorry would lead to pretty bad things to the occupant of the vehicle.

      Maybe when they're all autonomous vehicles it will work out fine! On a bike lane it would rule, which might be very appealing to someone confined to a wheelchair. 👍🏻

    • My late Uncle was in a wheelchair his whole life and without a doubt this would have been an amazing vehicle for him. Being able to avoid the hassle of loading/unloading into his retrofitted car just to run uptown would have been a huge help, especially in the winter.

      I know it would not have been practical on the highway, but wow, I sure wish something like this would have been around years ago.

    • Great to hear that! I think everyday use around town seems like a great fit for these little vehicles. Bright colors so they should be visible and they look so easy to enter and exit.