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    • Those are all my impressions too. It's extremely clever and looks well designed but I don't know about anything more than residential traffic. In the video they seemed to make it clear it was for city traffic tho...

    • Yeah, I hate to be a sourpuss or a pessamist, but I think a broasdside by a lorry would lead to pretty bad things to the occupant of the vehicle.

      Maybe when they're all autonomous vehicles it will work out fine! On a bike lane it would rule, which might be very appealing to someone confined to a wheelchair. 👍🏻

    • My late Uncle was in a wheelchair his whole life and without a doubt this would have been an amazing vehicle for him. Being able to avoid the hassle of loading/unloading into his retrofitted car just to run uptown would have been a huge help, especially in the winter.

      I know it would not have been practical on the highway, but wow, I sure wish something like this would have been around years ago.

    • Great to hear that! I think everyday use around town seems like a great fit for these little vehicles. Bright colors so they should be visible and they look so easy to enter and exit.