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    • Do things really trickle down from the rich?

      While it may sound plausible to some, the track record of trickle down economics is mostly negative. Reagan's tax cuts on the rich are sometimes given credit for ending the 1980 recession, but causality is unclear as he also increased government spending and tripled the national debt, which was a standard Keynesian move. If you look at the long term since then, middle and working class wages have mostly stagnated and the gap between rich and the rest has widened, despite the promises of both Bushes. We also know that Trump's tax cut overwhelmingly went to stock buy-backs, though it's probably too soon to gauge the trickle down effects, if any. We have seen some wage gains in the past year, but this is almost certainly due to low unemployment, which preceded the tax cut.

      OTOH, there is one area in which money does trickle down: Republican mega-donors give large contributions to the campaigns of tax cutting candidates. They are also likely to find lucrative employment as corporate lobbyists when they leave office. So money trickles down to some, though in other countries, this is known as corruption.