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    • I think the market values stability and consistency

      I can’t imagine how stressful it must be right now to be a trader on Wall Street. How do you make investment decisions or even hedge your risks when we have a trade war with China, talk of firing the Fed Chairman, and now a government shutdown on Friday.

      And then Mnuchin calls bank CEOs to reassure them, which has the opposite effect.

      I’m apolitical, so I just look at this from a planning standpoint: if you have zero confidence in building a forecast for the next six to nine months, the market is going to default to a negative outlook.

    • I'm a fiscal conservative..I would have strongly considered Romney.

      I looked closely at Romney too. My issue has always been what does fiscal conservatism mean. Romney was pretty explicit in what it meant for him, which I appreciate:

      When actually drilling into details, it's my opinion that the Obama administration's execution worked better than Romney's managed bankruptcy would have.

      In my view, the economy performs better, counterintuitively, under most democratic administrations than republican. When I hear Bill Clinton or Barack Obama explain it, I can understand the explanation. When George W, Reagan, or Trump explain it, I feel like there's a lot of hand waving. Do things really trickle down from the rich? Or does fiscal conservatism honestly mean keeping wages and benefits low for the poor and middle class so that they end up not having the spending power that would fuel the economy?