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    • It got my attention too. I don't know what investors are thinking because the predictions they made yesterday didn't account for today. I'm not a Wall Street pro by any means but reading their predictions for 2019 makes me think not even they have any idea because they are all over the place.

      The Wall Street Journal had an opinion piece this afternoon that opened with this. My inclination is to believe the chaos and incoherence of this administration has spooked everyone:

      Financial savants were quick to lambaste Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell last week for failing to reassure markets that the Fed would ease off on increasing interest rates next year. Some pundits also denounced Mr. Powell’s “disastrous” performance at the press conference following the rate hike. One awarded him an F for diffident delivery and confused “messaging.”

    • Does anyone have an idea what is up? Is it a Bitcoin thing where everyone got too excited? Maybe Trump isn't the miracle we thought he was for the economy? I'm seeing predictions that it's going to get worse come the new year and opposite predictions that the market will rise 25% next year to correct for this mini slump. Any bets?

      I think the market values stability and consistency, the current administration is not capable of that. I know very little about these things and I won't blame Trump for rising interest rates but our new trade war and now government shutdown seems to be of his doing.

      I'm a fiscal conservative, socially liberal, I suppose left leaning independent (titles are always weird to me). I probably would be republican if not for social issues. I would have strongly considered Romney instead of Hilary Clinton. So that being said... do you think many Trump supporters that are more moderate are regretting their vote for him?

    • I think history is pretty clear that there are very few people (like, maybe a couple) who have shown they can predict the market accurately over any type of extended period of time. So I definitely don't pretend to have any reliable prediction.

      That being said, I'm definitely anticipating a downturn. It just doesn't change my investment plan (invest in index funds over time and hold 'em.) It does get me a little excited, though, that stocks are going on sale while we're in the accumulation phase of life!