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    • "There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story". Tyrion Lannister believed this to be reason enough to nominate Bran The Broken as Ruler of the Six Kingdoms. Though he may face some strong backlash for this reasoning, nobody can really argue with his initial statement. Everybody loves a good story. It's why Game of Thrones was one of the biggest TV shows of the past decade (final season notwithstanding). It's why people love to go to the movies, why we spend hours binge-watching Netflix. But a good story doesn't necessarily have to come from big budget movie productions or online streaming services. A good story can come in many shapes and sizes, many forms and expressions, and that's what this conversation is about. When it comes to digging into a good story, one that you get completely lost in, what medium is your favourite?

      I asked myself this question earlier today and I was surprised by my own answer. I was expecting TV shows or movies to be my favourite, but after mulling it over I decided that video games was one of my favourites. Then I thought about why, and I think it has to do with immersion. When it comes to video games, we are somewhat literally in the story. We control the character, control the actions, the decisions, and we are part of the plot from the beginning all the way to the end. What better way to enjoy a great story than to be part of it? It's why games like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Spider-Man, The Last of Us, the Assassin's Creed franchise, and many other story-driven games are so huge. I'm currently playing A Plague Tale and have only played it for five hours but I am already fully invested in the story. The game has many more hours in it, and like all good story-driven games, being part of the story for such a long time leaves a mark on you, and it's probably why video games are one of my favourite mediums for storytelling.

      My other favourite medium is a bit more of a surprise, books. I started reading (fiction) books regularly last year and I've been continuing my new hobby this year too. I find stories in books to be much more in-depth and immersive than TV shows or movies, which isn't really that much of a surprise. The added narration in books gives us an insight into characters' thoughts, the descriptions of the environments can be so vivid that we can picture it in our minds, and plot points can be expanded in such a way that you just get sucked in. Like video games, we spend a large amount of time reading a book from cover to cover, and that time gives us a sense of connection to that story. The feeling you get when you finish reading a book is quite unique. Many of these feats can't really be replicated in other forms of media, which is why I think books still have a place in this digital world.

      There are many other mediums for storytelling. Music, comics, poetry, animations, to name a few. Which are your favourite?

    • When I saw the title I thought you were asking those present how they like to share their stories, and I wanted to reply that I am trying Cake now as a medium because I am too lazy to have my own blog and because my stuff is seen by no one on Medium.

      Turned out, you were asking about consuming someone else's stories. Well, I hate movies that are longer than an hour and a half. Except for Blade Runner.