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    • There's a guy, Micah Toll, who writes the most entertaining e-scooter and e-motorcycle reviews for Electrek. I wish he wrote for Cake.

      Anyway, he convinced me that I need this scooter. I have a blast going around town on my electric skateboard but it only has so much range and speed, and in some places I want to ride it the pavement is too broken up or it's a dirt path.

      This looks so sweet. 40 mile range! Steep SF hills no problems! @vonwong , wouldn't this solve our skateboard probs?

    • Wow, that is so amazing that such a small scooter can pack so much power and range. I'd love to try one. I really enjoyed his video review also. To his comment about being too concerned to try maximum speed because of standing position, I would say it's the way feet are positioned which makes rider's center of gravity less solid and stable planted, and not the position itself. I stand frequently to stretch when riding my motorcycle, and have no problem or concern doing so at highway speeds, because the footpegs are large and supportive, while feet are well apart from each other giving a perfect platform. In fact it is very relaxing to get your body supported by the air flow at 60 or 70 miles an hour, and totally safe unless some big bird decides to fly across the travel path. I think with a little modification - adding two lateral floor boards perhaps - this scooter would totally rock!

    • Wow!! That would be a lot of fun, cool that it has suspension + decent tyres and brakes.

      But AUD$ 2450.00 + delivery and taxes 😱


    • Wowzers. The electric motor on my e-bike automatically cuts out when I hit 25mph. I can’t imagine a scooter hitting 40mph! 😱

    • I love it when passing eighteen wheeler trucks and looking right at the driver through his window, being at same level. Also stand when riding in slow moving traffic sometimes, so I can see over the crowd of cars. So far I had no complaints from the law men seeing me do so, I don't think it's defined as a problem.

    • My biggest concern would be face planting it, due to too much handlebar input being used to real motorcycles with 19" front wheels steering.

    • I’m in that photo—white haired lady on the only Beemer. ,-)

      Samantha, the group leader, took the photo. She is all about having her groups look like they are worshipping the landscape. Hahaha.

      This is part of a “Ripple Relay” that is crossing the country three times—all women riders. I carried the baton from SLC to Green River,where I passed it to another rider last weekend. It started in FL, came across the southern states (while it was still cold), then went up the west coast to WA, then through ID, MT, WY, and into UT. It has recently made it to CO, and will soon travel in to OK and then to the east coast.

      Meanwhile, there is a RTW trip happening, too. The Ripple Relays got the name from this mother-ship of a relay. It started in the UK and is now in Sweden, I think (?). That baton will be in the US sometime in Oct. They have scheduled an Iron Butt day for when the baton comes closest to me (going from Sturgis to somewhere in WA state), so I don’t think I’ll join in on that one.


    • 40 MPH is a scary to me. Are / will helmets be a required by law?

      As someone who found myself parallel with the surface of some pavement when riding a Lime in Paris I think going that fast and not equipped with some protective gear is scary.