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    • If you have been through hardship, you probably realize that resilience is a key concept. Systemic racism Is a direct attack on resilience, as is poverty (terrible housing, lack of food, subpar healthcare, absence of nourishing relationships—all that stuff).

      This has been with me all day, since I read it. My word to myself for 2020 is resilience from now on.

    • Honestly, I wonder if the constant and life-long chipping away at their resilience is what makes people of color more susceptible to the ravages of Covid.

      As a white woman, I find it nearly incomprehensible.

    • I don't like Facebook much. I've never completed my profile. The only reason I have one (basic profile) is for managing pages - my page for self-promotion and some of my customer's for the same reason. Otherwise I'd delete it.

      I'm not worried about privacy much, but I never receive anything incoming, because of the flow of Racist crap that ended up attached.

      Back in the early stages it shocked me. People in the bike industry particularly, that I had accepted friendship requests from - who were nice enough in real life - turned out to be complete rednecks and islamophobes online - re-posting far right bullsh@t that showed up on my timeline.

      I don't know what the solution is, but as often discussed on Cake, there's a real problem with a lot of platforms for spreading and cultivating the stupid.

    • I resigned when Jan got a job as Director of Surgical Services for new Hospital in Auckland. Huge career break. Had to go.

      I have a few interesting stories about being the ONLY white guy in the Otara (South Auckland) Basketball competition. The rough end of town. I have quite prominent Aussie motif tattoos on my shoulders too. I only ever encountered one teenager who had a race issue with me. And he was just a kid who was in that 'angry with everything' stage. Otherwise the brown people treated me just like I tried to treat Stevie. "Come to the Hāngi and meet Auntie". I did. She was a machine. They even changed the team name when I joined. From the 'Coconuts' to the 'Coconut Creams'. They were funny blokes. I instilled some discipline on defence and we won the B Grade.

      Karma can be kind too.

      Interesting that some plated garish plastic can mean something along your way. It was a nice farewell.

    • I feel in some cases reverse racism can be bad. Like, it can be harder for Asian students to get into top colleges because schools want to have a more diverse student body pool, which leads to Asians competing against other Asians. That issue needs to be addressed.

      On the other side of the coin, I do think there's a lot of good in trying to level the playing field and acknowledge that African-Americans were given a raw deal and that we shouldn't expect them to make up for lost ground when we are the ones who held them back.