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    • I eat meat but was vegetarian for most of my life so I agree with what you have written especially with regards to the treatment of the animals. I am fortunate to be able to purchase locally sourced, ethically and humanely raised meats when I want it. But I regard meat as a treat or an extravagance. I wish more people would.

      It's unfortunate that so many resources go into producing subpar food like McDonald's, et al., that aren't even very tasty and are sourced from big factory farms. I believe one issue underlying this is that many are disconnected from where our food comes from in the developed world. It's all neatly packaged or behind a glass case.

      I think my one concern would be the ability of the average working person or someone on minimum wage to afford meat when they want some if it were taxed. And even with a tax it would take some sort of cultural change to get folks to eat less and respect the animal and their meat more. When I was living in Turkey meat was something enjoyed but not eaten nearly as much as here. And it was not wasted.