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    • My mother taught psychiatric nursing and for a few years she was director of a state mental hospital. So my youth was salted with stories of the occasional noteworthy troubled minds that she encountered. Although this has given me a good bit of simpathy for the mentally ill in all their various stripes, it is not something I'd prefer to explore - gladly I would switch to philosophy any day! :D

    • at one time, I would have agreed with the sentiment to stop talking to them. But now that I live in Latin America, I realize that we are social creatures foremost. Therefore, the proper course is not to stop talking, but rather (with one's mouth full of peanut butter, to attempt) to engage in vigorous debate!

    • That amount of peanut butter in the picture is far too much peanut butter, as the amount of jelly to offset that would be far too much for a sandwich to hold. So, they're likely right in such a case and you should thank them for correcting your mistake.

    • I can understand your perspective that maintaining personal relationships and enjoyable conversation is worth suffering the negativity doled out by haters of massive peanut butter consumption.

      But I believe there is a third path to choose, distinct from suffering or isolation.

      I think that I would explain to the hater that I have a rare anti-tolerance to peanuts and that in order for me to eat peanut butter I have to consume it in massive quantities.

      I would then ask the hater to swear to keep my ailment secret, thank them for their kindness and caring, and then enjoy my sandwich.

      Or, as a fourth option