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    • I might be trying to do too many things at once, but not noticing it! Now THAT worries me. ;) But seriously, I used to work as an engineer and I would keep a lot of complex information in my head at one time - a dynamic process simulation. As I approached the age of 40, I felt that I was less able to do that. On the other hand, with my experience in the business, I was being afforded opportunities here and there to move into more managerial roles. On the other other hand, I did not LIKE managerial roles. So I retired. Nowadays, I have a small farm. It is pretty complicated and lots of things to do; but it is simple in a way. With everything needing attention, you just pick one thing at random and do it - it is liberating to know I can never "catch up" and every single thing I do is "critical". Now that I am late-50's it isn't the mind that worries me so much as the body: pick-and-shovel work is better suited to the young, imho.

    • Welcome to Cake, LuckyLady. 🙂

      I've been reading a book by a respected professor who believes neurons adapt in the brain just as muscles adapt to exercise. If your day is full of distractions, then your neurons adapt to short quick interruptions and actually change their physiology — like long distance runners whose muscles adapt for endurance at the cost of losing their ability to sprint. He believes the constant short distractions make it so our neurons lose their ability to write novels or complex computer code because they are no longer adapted to deep focus.