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    • So is anyone else watching The Mandalorian? I am a casual Star Wars fan who has only seen the movies but I am loving this take on the lore.

      As you may have heard it has a slightly spaghetti western flavor to it, and has a lot of easter eggs. There is a fantastic reveal at the end of episode one which really caught me by surprise. It's been a while since I have keenly waited for the next episode of a TV series to come out and I am eager to see how the story moves forward. I also absolutely love the main theme of the show by Ludwig Göransson.

      Do chip in with your thoughts if you have seen the show!

    • I am surprised that @JazliAziz hasn't posted anything regarding this show yet. I assume this may be because Disney+ hasn't launched in Malaysia. I myself had to watch this via other means if you catch my drift. Not proud of it, but then India has always had delayed premieres of TV shows. Things have been improving recently with same day premieres of GoT but with Disney being so tight fisted over the roll out of their services, I think there will be a pretty long delay until we get to see this show officially in India. Plus I am not sure I want to subscribe to yet another service, but it would be nice to have the option and not have to resort to sailing the high seas..

    • Thanks for sharing this, @Ravi. I hadn’t heard of this series and we just got Disney+. So I spent the afternoon enjoying Episode 1.

      With the exception of the blacksmithing/flashback sequence, I thought it was extremely well done visually, story-line wise, and casting. Seeing Nick Nolte in the credits answered a “whose voice was that” for one of the aliens.

      Full disclosure: I saw the first two movies in the theater when they were released in the 1970s, then the last two movies and Solo within the last five years. So there’s A LOT of the story that I have no clue on. It hasn’t prevented me from enjoying the films but just sayin’.

      My issue with the Star Wars movies was that they followed a certain script, which is probably why the thirty plus year gap between screenings.

      I didn’t feel that way while watching Mandolarian. It was familiar yet sufficiently full of surprises to keep me watching. Definitely worth giving Episode 2 a try in the not too distant future.

    • Well, you were partly right. Disney+ isn't available in Malaysia, but that has never stopped me from watching anything I wanted to (I caught your drift lol). I'm a casual Star Wars fan too like you, but I just don't have the desire to watch this show at the moment. My interest in the upcoming movie is rather tepid as well. I guess I've just lost interest in the franchise as a whole. Maybe one day I'll watch it, but for now it's definitely not on my radar.

    • Seeing Nick Nolte in the credits

      I agree I was a little taken aback when I saw that along with Taika Waititi's name. Kuiil does resemble Nolte but it was a nice subversion of audience expectations to make him a dwarf. Similar to Peter Dinklage's treatment in Avengers: Infinity War.

    • I guess I've just lost interest in the franchise as a whole.

      I have similar feelings for the X-men franchise. I think I was with them until X-men: The Last Stand. The rest of the movies with the exception of Logan did not catch my fancy at all.

      Maybe one day I'll watch it

      I hope you change your mind and watch it someday soon, because I feel you will genuinely enjoy it. 😊

    • It's... meh. I mean, sure, the production values are top-notch, the best money can buy. Visuals, effects, costumes - Hollywood blockbusters level. But, the characters and the story... Well, I'm going to watch it just as a shared experience with my kid.

    • Interesting.. I thought the characters were nicely done. The main protagonist himself is a man(dalorian) of few words, and apart from Kuiil which is Nick Nolte's character there are hardly any central characters yet. The IG-11 Droid voiced by Taika Waititi was cool yet funny and I was actually hoping they would carry on with their unlikely alliance through the rest of the episodes.

    • @Ravi , I watched Chapter 2, “The Child”. Funny as hell and it was great to see the Jawa as a major part of the story: the glowing red eyes and the hoods made them a quirky piece of the original Star Wars movies. I totally get @jpop ’s point that this isn’t high drama. But if you enjoy it for what it is, it’s a fun little series.

    • I absolutely agree with that observation. Not exactly a spoiler but this happens in episode 3 as well. Surprising that they cracked hyperspace jumps but can't devise a simple biometric lock for their ships. 🙄