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    • Thanks for sharing this, @Ravi. I hadn’t heard of this series and we just got Disney+. So I spent the afternoon enjoying Episode 1.

      With the exception of the blacksmithing/flashback sequence, I thought it was extremely well done visually, story-line wise, and casting. Seeing Nick Nolte in the credits answered a “whose voice was that” for one of the aliens.

      Full disclosure: I saw the first two movies in the theater when they were released in the 1970s, then the last two movies and Solo within the last five years. So there’s A LOT of the story that I have no clue on. It hasn’t prevented me from enjoying the films but just sayin’.

      My issue with the Star Wars movies was that they followed a certain script, which is probably why the thirty plus year gap between screenings.

      I didn’t feel that way while watching Mandolarian. It was familiar yet sufficiently full of surprises to keep me watching. Definitely worth giving Episode 2 a try in the not too distant future.

    • It's... meh. I mean, sure, the production values are top-notch, the best money can buy. Visuals, effects, costumes - Hollywood blockbusters level. But, the characters and the story... Well, I'm going to watch it just as a shared experience with my kid.