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    • I know this is a weird time to be bringing this up, but I'm just curious to know what everyone's mobile tech setup is like. Here's mine.

      HP Pavillion X360

      My laptop isn't really anything special, probably the most pedestrian product in this list. The "360" in the name implies that the display can rotate fully on its axis and the laptop can be used as a tablet, but I've never used it as such because folding it over just makes it too bulky and heavy to be used as a tablet. It has a touch screen which enables the tablet function, and though I don't use the laptop as a tablet, the touch screen is something I'm glad to have. Even using it as a traditional laptop, the touch screen has proven to be quite useful for scrolling and input, as tapping the screen is easier than using the trackpad to move the mouse. It came with a stylus, but like the tablet form factor, I don't use it at all. I use it mostly for writing when it comes to work, and the excellent keyboard makes it a really good experience. It's a pretty decent laptop, and I recently got an SSD installed so it'll only get better from here on out.

      OnePlus 7T

      I haven't written about my phone on Cake yet, but I have done a Twitter thread on it if you're interested to know more about it. This is the second phone from OnePlus I've purchased, and the first time since I started using smartphones that I've ever used two phones from the same manufacturer back to back. That should give you an idea of how much I like the phones from OnePlus, and the 7T in particular is really, really good. The battery lasts all day so I don't need to worry about working remotely and I don't need a powerbank (battery pack) when I go out. When I do need to charge it when I get home it charges very quickly, which is great. The display looks great thanks to the 90Hz refresh rate, and Oxygen OS is simply my favourite version of Android with so many useful features and consistent reliability.

      If there's one complaint I have about the phone its that it's too slippery. I usually don't buy cases for my phones, but for this one I did. Got the official sandstone case from OnePlus and it's very good.

      PS: I've just started driving again regularly since the movement restrictions in Malaysia have been eased, so I've been able to test this new magnetic car mount for my phone. Works wonders.

      Galaxy Watch

      My smartwatch has become an essential part of my mobile setup now. So much so that I feel kinda naked without it when I leave home. It allows me to keep track of my notifications without always taking my phone out of my pocket, it's a great fitness tracker, and it tells time too (amazing). For my use, a smartwatch is more than just a redundant accessory.

      Sony WH-1000XM3/OnePlus Bullets Wireless

      I've long been part of the wireless movement when it comes to listening to music, and now I duel-wield. I've been using OnePlus' Bullets Wireless (1st gen) for a long time now, and I recently treated myself to Sony's flagship WH-1000XM3 for more serious music enjoyment. I take both with me when I leave home, and for the most part the Sony's are my first choice. If I foresee myself moving around a lot or in situations where big bulky headphones may not be that suitable, then the Bullets Wireless will come in. Having said that, since getting the Sony headphones I haven't used the OnePlus earphones even once. I'm currently putting the Sony headphones through it's paces, but as a non-audiophile I've been thoroughly blown away after just a few days of use.

      Have you upgraded your mobile tech setup recently? Or do you already have a tried and tested combo that you've been using for years? Let's see how you work on the go.

    • My EDC is still analog, except for my iPhone 11.

      For analog watch, analog Emerson knife, analog Surefire flashlight, analog car key ('88 Land Cruiser), analog house key (Baldwin lockset) and paper maps stuffed in the glove box (free at most state's welcome stations along the interstate system). I do high tech my music in the Yota...Bluetooth Pandora from iPhone to a SoundFreaq Pocket Kick sitting between the buckets.

      I'm not one to rely on high tech gizmos/widgets when analog items still work fine (for me). When the SHTF (as it did many places over the past 15 days) you'd better have a plan. And hoping your high tech gadgets work is not a plan.

      I have an iPhone because pay phones are now extinct and I Hotspot from home for connectivity. I still have a rotary dial phone, but, no land line to the cottage.

      Yep, I'm decades behind the curve!

      Thanks for the OnePlus 7T info.