Even our military is falling victim to the obesity epidemic.

...the study found striking rises in obesity rates in the other armed services as well, even though the Pentagon has rolled out one strategy after another in recent years to try to keep the troops trim. And the increases have military leaders worried.

“Obesity negatively impacts physical performance and military readiness and is associated with long-term health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, and risk for all-cause mortality,” the study’s authors wrote in the August issue of the Defense Department’s Medical Surveillance Monthly Report, where the data was first published.

The military has been using countermeasures to try stem the tide but the problem has only worsened.

But surprisingly military officers once had the opposite problem. During WW II their were undernourished candidates.

Today, about one-third of potential recruits are too heavy to enlist. And many recruits who are trim when they get to boot camp gain weight once they have access to Uncle Sam’s all-you-can-eat base dining facilities.

Hopefully all of the changes being made now will help our military stay fit and trim to be the best they can be for our country.