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    • I think I've come around on maybe disabling badges on my social apps. ;-) I've already removed Tweetbot from my dock on the Mac and only open it when I need to or have some spare time during the day. On the phone, I'll open the app when I want to spend time in the app and not have a notification force me to sidetrack or distract me.

    • The lack of badges is intentional. Personally I find badges anxiety-inducing since they make me feel like I need to do something. We want Cake to make people happy, not anxious. 😄

      I like getting a push notification when someone reacts or replies to me on Cake, but if it also added a badge to the icon then I'd feel like I have to go do something to make the badge disappear, and that feels like a chore.

      But obviously not everyone feels this way! Anyone else like badges? Should we add them?

      Android user here, but the systems are similar enough to talk about this in general:

      I think this should be left for the user to decide. Modern Android versions come with app settings that allow users to

      - disable/enable notifications from an app completely

      - disable them on a "per category" basis; categories (or channels internally) are used for different types of notifications, for example Cake could have one channel for "reply to your post" notifications and another for "reaction" notifications, and the user can easily choose to see one but not the other

      - if notifications are enabled, allow or disallow a "notification dot" (Android's variant of a badge)

      This can either be used as-is, or used as a model for own in-app settings. For me personally, badges have some smell of "open task that I need to finish", but what's more anxiety-inducing than that is the fear of missing out on some important interaction, either because of swiping away the notification or by not being notified in the first place.

      It is great that you have user "well-being" in mind while designing your notifications. It's just that different users feel well in different situations, which might include seeing badges/dots.

      What I'd like to see is a "digest" type of notification that is pushed to me not instantly when something happens, but once per day at 6pm, if something happened in the last 24 hours.

    • Thanks for sharing Andreas.

      I see no reasons not to add opt-in badging for those that would like it when we have time to engineer it. As Ryan said, I too want Cake to be a place to make people happy, and opt-in badging helps with that.

      We have the first two bullets you list. Unfortunately, we do not have an Android app yet, but we do treat iOS notifications similar to email notifications in Settings. You can toggle on and off categories of notifications.

    • If you don’t support badges, can you hide them in Notifications Settings like 1Password does?

      Hey Pete, we released version 1.1.0 to the App Store today, and in the update we removed the badge options in Notification Settings for Cake.

    • I use it nonstop and love it but here’s the thing: I have a newer version that lets you pinch to zoom photos. We have submitted it many times to Apple and they have repeatedly rejected the improved version.

      For one thing, they want us to have. a EULA for people to sign as they register. Kevin pointed out we’re free. Free sites don’t have EULAs. Anyway, they exhausted us with things that don’t make sense. Maybe we should have done an Android version instead.

    • For one thing, they want us to have. a EULA for people to sign as they register. Kevin pointed out we’re free. Free sites don’t have EULAs.

      I’m assuming that the barriers to get approved go beyond just EULA then? I mean, I’d happily click through whatever user agreement is thrown in front of me to be able to zoom—just sayin’.

      I am quite happy with the app as is, however. Quite responsive and the pages load quickly.