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    • Thanks for the kind words, Cody. We built it for exactly that. We think that the app is the best way to experience Cake on the iPhone.

      Any in my opinion, nothing beats a real full size keyboard. I'm thinking of getting one of these wireless iOS keyboards to compose long-form posts on the go.

    • Well, instead of hiring Android developers to build an Android app, you should expose some of the APIs (plus open documentation) you already built for the iOS app and open it up for people to write the Android application for you.

    • I got the email about the Cake app now bring in the iOS store, however interestingly the email address at which I received the email is not the current email address in my settings.
      It probably was the email address I originally used when I signed up for Cake, however I think it would be well over a month since I changed it.

      Edit: just found it in the inbox of the email address in my settings as well.