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    • The official Cake app for iOS is now available! 

      The Cake app makes it easier than ever to discover and keep up with thoughtful conversations on your phone. All of Cake’s functionality is right at your fingertips, complete with push notifications, snappy navigation, and all the other first-class features you’d expect in a lovingly designed native app.

      Enable push notifications to be notified instantly about replies, mentions, reactions, and more. Tapping a notification takes you right to where the action is and helps you keep the conversation flowing.

      The app is the fastest way to experience Cake on the go. Optimized network usage and smart caching ensure lightning fast navigation without bloating your mobile data usage or bogging down on slow networks.

      Tight integration with password managers like iCloud Keychain and 1Password makes logging in fast and easy. And if you have multiple Cake accounts, the app makes it painless to switch between them.

      When you have the app installed, tapping a Cake link on the web, in an email, or in Messages will open the app and take you to exactly the right place. And the app always remembers where you left off, so you’ll never lose your place when you’re on the go.

      Download Cake in the App Store. We hope you like it!

    • Many thanks to our early beta testers, who gave us lots of great feedback and helped us squash bugs!

      My favorite thing about the iOS app is getting a push notification when someone reacts or replies to one of my posts. It's such a lovely little positive reinforcement, and it's changed the way I use Cake more than I expected it would. 🙂

    • Many thanks to our early beta testers

      I'd like to call out @apm, @amacbean16, and @gorudy for providing wonderful feedback and many bug reports as you beta tested the app in the last few weeks. Your work has made the app experience much better. Thank you!

    • It’s been amazing to see the iterative process improvements made by the team throughout the test phase.

      You guys have exceeded my expectations in transforming the app into a

      don’t even think about taking this away from me, Kevin

      must have.


    • Yeah, sorry about that. 😔 In another thread awhile back I mentioned that we are small and only had the resources to develop for one mobile platform at a time. When we were interviewing, we talked to both Android and iOS engineers, but the iOS engineers accepted our offer and the Android ones we happened to meet didn't show interest in us, so that's one factor in how it shook down.

    • I plan to try the Android app when (if!) it is available but for now I'm happy with a Chrome shortcut on my phone's home page.

      I didn't know that was possible until someone here pointed it out. With the site open in Chrome on your phone, click the 3 dots in the upper right, then "Add to Home Screen".

    • Cody Priebe

      This is good news as most of my time is spent with a phone over a computer, something about mobile browsing vs an app. The app tends to win. Thanks to Cake for getting this out, it is working great so far.

      * edit to add - I wrote this from my computer haha. I feel like a fraud now. But really, I will use the app more.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Cody. We built it for exactly that. We think that the app is the best way to experience Cake on the iPhone.

      Any in my opinion, nothing beats a real full size keyboard. I'm thinking of getting one of these wireless iOS keyboards to compose long-form posts on the go.

    • Well, instead of hiring Android developers to build an Android app, you should expose some of the APIs (plus open documentation) you already built for the iOS app and open it up for people to write the Android application for you.

    • I got the email about the Cake app now bring in the iOS store, however interestingly the email address at which I received the email is not the current email address in my settings.
      It probably was the email address I originally used when I signed up for Cake, however I think it would be well over a month since I changed it.

      Edit: just found it in the inbox of the email address in my settings as well.