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    • Anyone in it tea garden time yet?
      Don't have access to the fun rollei 6x6 that I used for the pic here, but the cherry blossoms are normally amazing up there!

    • Wonderful photos, Scot! I had no idea SF had such great cherry blossoms.

      We traveled all the way to Japan to capture cherry blossoms for a film that I was shooting on. It's really cool to know there also some amazing cherry blossoms so close to my home. Thanks for sharing!

      📷: An iPhone photo looking at Mt. Fuji from just outside of Fujiyoshida. Bummer all my other gear was tuned for video that day, because I wish I could print that view big.

    • The Cherry Blossom Festival is happening in SF right now. I attended over the weekend and it was amazing. I think for those who missed it that they are doing it still next weekend!

    • Cool, I missed going this weekend and have had it on the plans for a few weeks but never end up having the slot available. The maples will be budding if not fully open by now too.