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    • It comes pre-adjusted for a pour over grind size, but you can change it to be coarse or fine by loosening the locking screw above the lever and rotating the cog.

    • Start with boiling a small pot of water.

      I use about 450 ml of filtered or bottled water for the best coffee taste. In Europe plugged into 240 volts outlet it takes about 1.5 minutes to boil, in the US with 110 volts it takes about 3.5 minutes.

    • Add coffee beans.

      I use 25 - 30 grams for the 450 ml of water. The horizontal marks on the Cafflano grinder indicate 5 grams increments starting with 10 grams (I believe).

      Here are 25 grams (I measured) of coffee beans in the grinder.

    • Grind the beans.

      You can also grind them in a top pouring cup for a lower center of gravity. I recommend grinding on a level stable surface or sitting down and locking the cup between the knees (most comfortable) for an extra grip.

      Grinding is by far the hardest part of the entire coffee-making process and takes about 2 minutes. Some of the beans and pieces might be flying out as you grind, so be ready for that.

    • Pour in boiled water.

      I prefer light roasted coffee beans such as Ethiopia. For lighter roasts hotter water makes better extraction and flavorful coffee.

    • Keep an eye on the water level.

      I lift the filter a couple of times to see how full the cup is. There is no easy way to measure how much water to pour, but the cup holds a maximum of 450 ml.

    • The coffee is ready!

      It usually takes about 4-5 minutes for the cup to fill up. Remove the filter with grinds and rinse it before it dries up.

    • Cleaning is pretty simple: rinse the stainless steel filter and cup with water after each use. Other parts need only an occasional rinse.

      Here is the Cafflano Klassic fully disassembled:

    • this is a great idea for my travels. I love drinking coffee as the first thing to do in the morning when I wake up, but in hotels it's not always possible. with this machine I could drink hot coffee without having to leave the room! Thanks for this advice 👍

    • Great question! Here is some rough math:

      10 days of coffee for 4 people + 11 days of coffee for 2 people = 62 cups of coffee

      Most days I also had an afternoon solo coffee, so lets add another 15 cups.

      77 cups of pour over coffee at $4 per cup (pour over usually costs this much or more) = $308

      Cafflano Klassic - $75

      Coffee Beans - $45 ($15 x 3 bags)

      $308 - $120 = $188 of savings.

      The convenience of fresh, great tasting coffee = priceless.

    • I've been known to drop $7 for a cup of a great pour over coffee. Here is that cup with a certificate of origin and tasting notes:

    • Looks to be a pretty good thing to take camping, actually.

      That's exactly what I'm thinking too. Perfect for a couple people camping.

      @Vilen I often go on camping trips where I make coffee for 5-10 people. Since they don't make a bigger version of the Cafflano Klassic, what would you suggest for bigger groups camping? I'm thinking about getting a big french press.