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    • Cleaning is pretty simple: rinse the stainless steel filter and cup with water after each use. Other parts need only an occasional rinse.

      Here is the Cafflano Klassic fully disassembled:

    • this is a great idea for my travels. I love drinking coffee as the first thing to do in the morning when I wake up, but in hotels it's not always possible. with this machine I could drink hot coffee without having to leave the room! Thanks for this advice 👍

    • Great question! Here is some rough math:

      10 days of coffee for 4 people + 11 days of coffee for 2 people = 62 cups of coffee

      Most days I also had an afternoon solo coffee, so lets add another 15 cups.

      77 cups of pour over coffee at $4 per cup (pour over usually costs this much or more) = $308

      Cafflano Klassic - $75

      Coffee Beans - $45 ($15 x 3 bags)

      $308 - $120 = $188 of savings.

      The convenience of fresh, great tasting coffee = priceless.

    • I've been known to drop $7 for a cup of a great pour over coffee. Here is that cup with a certificate of origin and tasting notes:

    • Looks to be a pretty good thing to take camping, actually.

      That's exactly what I'm thinking too. Perfect for a couple people camping.

      @Vilen I often go on camping trips where I make coffee for 5-10 people. Since they don't make a bigger version of the Cafflano Klassic, what would you suggest for bigger groups camping? I'm thinking about getting a big french press.