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    • Joe Biden’s campaign just released a new ad with clips from the recent trash talking by world leaders at the NATO summit and I agree with Robert Reich that it is an incredibly well done ad.

      Upon reflection, it reminds me of the political campaign ads of Ronald Reagan: Is this the world you want four more years of? It also provides a counterpoint to the (supposed) gravitas that the elder statesman Joe Biden would bring to the office of President.

      Again, as far as messaging goes it is a textbook “We need better, vote for me” political strategy. And it can often be effective. But the cynical vote says that Michael Bloomberg is running because the corporate establishment has lost confidence in Biden’s ability to win the nomination “fair and square.” Instead, a Bloomberg run would prevent Biden’s top challengers from garnering 50% of the vote in the first round of the convention. That could lead to horse trading in the second round to secure Biden’s nomination.

      Kamala Harris is out and several other candidates, including Cory Booker, seem to be struggling to break into the Top 4 inner circle. Biden is still the front runner in most polls, but will this ad backfire when he commits another on camera gaffe? What if Trump just runs an ad like this video to counter Biden’s elder statesman and gravitas claim?


    • I think it’s an effective add. It gets straight to the point and it’s using the words of world leaders to get that point across. Very good add, imo. Also, it is pretty sad world leaders think that way of our president. 🤦‍♂️