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    • Shay

      Watched 10 episodes. It's about a young, autistic, surgical intern fitting in with the team.

      I liked House and this is a good alternative, nowhere near as dark as House.

    • HeatherE

      While I am a sucker for any medical drama and I have been enjoying the character development on this program, as an autistic adult I have some issues with the show. I feel like they are focusing too much on his "classic autism" quirks and not enough on him as a fully rounded human. I was impressed with the episode that featured an autistic patient - the actor who played that part is autistic.

    • Shay

      thanks for the insight Heather. I did wonder how the character with autism would relate to someone who is autistic.

    • sfcootz

      I'm not normally a TV person but watched some episodes at my mom's place. I liked the show but can't speak to how authentic the actor is at portraying someone with autism.

    • SteveM

      Hey Shay! Love the show. Freddie Highmore was great in Bates Motel, so we decided to give this a look. Watched the season finale on Hulu last night, and it was pretty incredible and moving. I like that the show is also socially-conscious, but not preachy, with things like autism, cybergaming, transgender, even Tide pods making appearances. Not quite "A Beautiful Mind", but definitely worth watching.

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